Wollaton Hall



At one point, I was solely creating Isometric Abstractions. However, while these satisfied one aspect of my creativity, they predominately do not have a set subject matter as they leave that to the viewers' imagination.


Before I started 'Album Art Re-Imagined' properly with my recreation of 'Yello - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess', I visited Wollaton Hall in Nottingham (England) for inspiration for a new series.The experience was incredibly refreshing as I took reference photographs of a wide range of subjects, from the gemstone exhibit, to the extensive gardens, even to simply the Elizabethan architecture. Ultimately, my goal was to create heavily abstract versions of some of the photographs I took. While the project is still in it's early stages, the day-out alone kickstarted the idea to create more varied projects, which still led back to my core style.

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