Watercolours - digital manipulation


After exploring the medium of watercolours, I began a series in which I combined my watercolours with select Isometric Abstractions. After an initial successful image, 'The Adjacent Sun and the Intersecting Maw', I found it difficult to create further images that sufficiently satisfied me, with the expection of 'Strike...'.



Following on from the 'artists block' I suffered with the prototypes, I struck gold with the 'Home On The Elements' series. This breakthrough began when I painted an A4 sized image, later titled 'Fire Vortex', as opposed to the small paintings I had created prior. Heavy shadows were included on one side of the Isometric Abstraction to create sufficiant contrast from the background, while still appearing to be within the scene. This ongoing series is the pinnacle of my watercolours as have created a coherence between them and my other artwork.



Home On The Elements

Painted Planets:


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