Isometric Abstractions

Isometric Abstractions began with a sketch inspired by the video game 'Marble Madness' (first sketch on 'Isometric Abstractions - sketches' page), where there was a heavy focus on almost all the lines being set at 45/90 degree from each other, which made it easier to create convincing perspectives. From there it developed into a more abstract style, especially inspired by MC Escher-style optical illusions, made easier to create due to the isometric perspective. Many of the Isometric Abstractions are the same roughly 3:4 dimensions due to a memo pad with tear-away pages I used for a while, giving those drawings a sense of consistency.


Sometimes, I have a subject in mind before I draw, sometimes after the image is drawn, or sometimes, while I like the drawing, I decide that a name would feel 'tacked on', and therefore leave it untitled (though for ones I trace in Photoshop, I endevour to give them a name).

Sometimes, I add colour to the Isometric Abstractions, which can be viewed here.

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Also appears as an Album Art Re-Imagined