Album Art Re-Imagined

Collecting and listening to music, especially on CD & Vinyl, is an enjoyable hobby of mine, and a part of it is an appreciation of the wide variety of art styles that grace the many album covers that exist.


This series involves re-imagining the album covers using primarily the title for inspiration. Subjects are chosen from my collection or suggestions from fans and usually has an interesting title that could be interpretated several ways.


Whenever I post the final image, I share it with the social media of the band whose album cover I redesigned. Some albums covers, such as 'Open Letters - Reflect' are by artists who have liked my work on Instagram and I have decided to re-imagine an album cover of theirs.


If you have a request, go to the contact page and get in contact! I am always open to ANY suggestion/request!


The 'Spray - Enforced Fun' art deco project can be viewed here and the 'Cuban Boys - Machines' project, here.

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